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About Me..
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Barry Schwam: Proprietor 

 I do some of the best sound work around, anywhere, for a friendly price.

An award-winning sound designer, musician, actor, I have been doing sound design for theaters and independent  films for almost 20 years.  I have also self- produced 14 of my own music/poetry CDs, which sell all over the world.  My recording name is "Schwump."  Perhaps you've heard of me?

Most recently, I have expanded to, and have begun to specialize in poetry CDs.

I record poets in live settings, or at my home studio near Pasadena, CA and can take your poems to a new level.  Think of it as taking a great work of art on canvas, (your poem)  and adding the touch of just the right "frame" to bring it alive!!  That is what my sound work can do for your poems. On a typical poetry CD a  reading of many poems in a row by the same poet  can get  repetitious to the listener. . But  I can take each one of your poems, and, being a poet myself, find the right sound or sound scape or music, and "make it pop" to a height you never imaged!  Check out some of the samples on the next webpage.

   And, depending to what extent you want your poems "enhanced"  I will go to work and take each poem individually.  I listen, listen, and listen some more.  I get a "feel" for the type of poem it is, and what you are trying to say.  I will work with that  poem until we are both satisfied, or time/money  enough has been spent.  (One can strive for perfection, but there is life to live)
For what all this will cost, please go to the pricing page.


Click here for samples of tracks from poetry CDs I have produced, and a list of some of my clients: