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Plan 1
For a mere $50, I will record your poetry up to one hour.  I will then spend an additional hour mastering the sound, creating simple artwork and making your poems available for sale via downloadble album on Amazon.Com, world -wide!   Whatever we can accomplish in an hour  we will do.  It all depends on how long your poems are, and how complicated you want things.  If you want to go overtime, it is a flat $30 per hour.

Plan 2
This plan allows for more poems and/or more complex post production.
Includes three, one hour sessions of recording and post production, where you and I record and customize the background sounds of each of your poems, together. 
Plus , one hour of time in which I create all the mastering and files necessary to have your Poetry album available for download on Amazon.Com, world -wide!
You can record as many poems as you want, so long as all of our recording and post production work stay within three hours. If you wish to go overtime, it is $30 per hour after that.

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