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Don Kingfisher Campbell and Barry Schwam

"Barry has a sixth sense in his production.  He listens and grasps what the poet is aiming to convey on a deep and metaphysical level.  His sounds, with striking consistency, often enhance and compliment the voice he is working with.  His music, his touch, often posseses a flair for the heart thumping dramatic, knowing what fits with what; at times, he is quite effective in the sprinkling of comedic elements that can promote giggling and joy when needed.  Above all, B. Schwam is broad, wise and experienced in creating a unity of work from gathering any number of poems.  I highly recomment his services,in the exploration of any artist of themself in the context of their poetic journey."
Patrick Thomas Jeffries "EVERYTHING'S ON FIRE"

"Recording with Barry Schwam is an entirely professional, creative experience.  His recording equipment is state-of-the-art, his coaching brings out the very best in your performance.  It was a challenge to maintain his high standards, which are founded in a real enthusiasm and love for the spoken word.  His post-production work is even more creative, built on his many years of experience in producing the highest quality recordings featuring just the right embellishments to fit the moods and messages of one's work...never overdone, just tasteful and conceptually brilliant.  It was truly a collaboration between artists."

Don  Kingfisher Campbell,  founder of POETRYPEOPLE youth writing workshops, publisher of the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly,
"Barry is a great producer. He has the ability to modulate the sound, add an interesting mix of music to enhance the poetry, and is open to suggestions and changes. I flew down from Sunnyvale (Silicon Valley) to work with Barry, as he was highly recommended. Barry also has such a knowledge of how much music to use.  His sound quality is so precise and my
CD, said by many that heard it, is so professional.  I believe we had a collaboration of ideas.
In addition, to the CD, Barry did a fine job of graphics for the CD. He was very creative in the layout and design.  He demonstrated again here how professional he is.  Barry's music in "Owen at 6 months", "Because",  "Trust Me", really enhanced the poetry.   In the speaking parts on the CD, Barry just knew when it was enough.  It was a privilege to work with
a producer who listened and followed through with his ability on all levels.  My CD cameout just wonderful in every way!"
                   Anita S. Holzberg, Poet
                   CD Enter In  Barry Schwam, Producer    

As a psychotherapist , I was looking for an avenue to offer some of my poetry to individuals who might find it useful in thinking about ways to discover new meaning in their lives. So I was delighted to learn of Barrry Schwam and the recording services he provides. His approach to our work was highly professional, creative, and collaborative during the entire process. He seemed to really appreciate the therapeutic intent of many of my pieces and made very helpful suggestions with that awareness in mind. I was enormously pleased with the finished CD and am already getting very positive feedback from colleagues and consumers. For a complimentary consultation regarding the use of poetry as a tool for growth, I welcome inquiries at (626) 674-4599.

Sharon Rizk, PsyD, LMFT