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Ward Calaway


Ward Calaway has a BS and an MS in engineering from California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech) in Pasadena, CA. He has been a consultant continuously since 1967 and holds six patents in fields as diverse as control of industrial battery chargers, very low noise preamplifi­ers, and disk drive clock recovery circuits.

Calaway & Brooks frequently employs or works with other consultants in order to offer its cli­ents the broadest possible base of experience and expertise.

Mike Westall is an independent consultant and former partner of Calaway & Brooks. He frequently works with us on microprocessor and Xilinx-based systems.

Chuck Calaway (son) is an independent consultant in the area of embedded systems and DSP design. He often works with us on microprocessor and digital servo applications.

Richard Cox is a consultant specializing in applications of the PIC family of microcontrollers and has participated in a number of controller designs.

Yi Cheng is a professor at Cal Poly Pomona who has provided analytical and theoretical depth, particularly in digital signal processing and information theory.

Mac Maklouf is an independent circuit board designer using Pads software. Mac has replaced our in-house capability and handles all our board design.

Ward is a co-founder of our company.